Saturday 1 November 2014

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The EU should mobilise an Alliance of the Willing against Climate Change

By Eberhard Rhein Between November 26th and December 7th the international community will again come together and discuss on what to do against climate change. Since its turbulent 2009 meeting in Copenhagen the international community has not achieved much worth mentioning. Above all, it has failed to define a global a strategy for containing the increase of global temperature within 2°C, its agreed objective.


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Message for the new European Commissioner for Education

Posted by Dan Luca on 31st October 2014

The new European Commission takes office in November 2014. The new president Jean-Claude Junker said that it is his “desire that the EC will be very political in nature”. I [...]

Gas talks stall as Russia pushes for EU guarantees on Ukrainian gas payments

Posted by Open Europe blog team on 30th October 2014

Update 11.50 30/10/14:Reuters is reporting that an EU spokesperson has said a deal is “very close” and talks will continue today, as we note below. As we also say below, [...]

Viviane Reding praises UEFA’s women’s drive

Posted by sportetcitoyennete on 30th October 2014

MEP and former European Commission vice-president Viviane Reding visited UEFA and praised the European body for its efforts to bring more women into leadership roles. Viviane Reding, a member [...]

¥uan and Waterloo of Petro$ (Part 1/2)

Posted by AriRusila on 30th October 2014

Ongoing western sanctions due Ukraine are pushing China and Russia to close cooperation – the great Eurasian axis is already in motion. Despite the headlines in mainstream [...]

My Neighbourhood Presentations from the Smart City Exhibition 2014

Posted by David Brito on 30th October 2014

My Neighbourhood was presented at the Smart City Exhibition 2014 in Bologna, on the 23rd of Cotober 2014. Find and check all presentations about the project on:  

Gender Equality: the smart way to growth

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 29th October 2014

Guest commentary by Vaso Kollia, Secretary General for Gender Equality at the Greek Ministry of Interiors. Is gender equality only about justice, or is the question at hand relevant to much [...]

George Soros: ‘Europe’s way of life is in danger’

Posted by Joop Hazenberg on 28th October 2014

The politically active billionaire George Soros payed a visit to Brussels on October 22, promoting a new essay on the relations with Ukraine. His organization Open Society Foundations (OSF) has been active [...]

Where both the US and the Hungarian governments are wrong

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 28th October 2014

In the wake of  Maidan, a new diplomatic scandal has erupted, this time in the heart of Europe, in Hungary. Like in Kiev, it again involves an old acquaintance of [...]

How to save Cameron from himself

Posted by Andrew Duff on 28th October 2014

There are some who are tempted to let David Cameron enjoy the consequences of his latest tantrum at the European Council. But for the sake of the long-term relationship of [...]

Short memory of Prime Minister Orban

Posted by Tyszecki on 28th October 2014

History teaches us to remember its lessons and draw relevant conclusions. Someone who doesn’t do it will be punished sooner or later. Unfortunately, this truth hasn’t been comprehended by [...]

Technological breakthroughs against climate change brighten the horizon

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 28th October 2014

Humanity will be unable to combat climate change without profound transformations in the way it generates energy. Two such transformations have been recently announced, one in Singapore, the other in USA. In [...]

Cameron’s ‘EU budget’ mess: the UK political tectonic plates are on the move

Posted by European Movement on 28th October 2014

by Graham Bishop, financial policy expert, founder of and member of the European Movement’s National Council. /// Ever since it emerged that the the UK’s contribution to the EU has [...]

EU & US industries step where regulators so far dare not!

Posted by Orgalime on 28th October 2014

[See the Video Position] The transatlantic trade and investment relationship continues to account for the largest economic relationship in the world, and the EU and the US economies account together for [...]

What’s Osborne’s plan in the face of increased borrowing?

Posted by Chris Whitehouse on 28th October 2014

Whitehouse Consultancy Head of PR Chris Rogers claims increased borrowing will make George Osborne’s austerity message a harder sell. To read Chris’ article, please click here. The Whitehouse Consultancy is one of Europe’s [...]

Access to Documents – Another Thrilling Episode

Posted by jim on 27th October 2014

In a previous blog I said that I had requested access to documents on the dealings between DG Enterprise and pharmaceutical industry associations while the EMA was developing (and watering [...]

Britain’s £1.7bn budget bill: Who is to blame and what happens next?

Posted by Open Europe blog team on 27th October 2014

Cameron has promised to invoke the spirit of Thatcher over the EU budget As EU leaders were agreeing the final details of the EU’s new energy and climate change policies on [...]

Plus ça change …

Posted by Mathew Lowry on 27th October 2014

An organisation which cannot remember cannot learn; an organisation which cannot learn cannot improve. Sometime during the EuropCom conference, I found myself listening to someone explaining how the Commission is [...]

Supply Chain Shame

Posted by The Risk Monger on 27th October 2014

Supply chains are hardly the source of innovation and product development. As the soft spot of industry competition and dirty tactics, the lack of cooperation and coordination along the supply [...]

Branding federations in EU Affairs

Posted by Dan Luca on 24th October 2014

Due to the complexity of the EU institutions and its mechanisms, visibility and branding are a priority for European Federations, especially if they have an operational office in Brussels. I [...]

Why is the UK being asked to pay in more to the EU budget and what can it do about it?

Posted by Open Europe blog team on 24th October 2014

By Open Europe There are a number of headlines today around the EU’s request for a further €2.1bn from the UK in terms of its contribution to the EU’s budget. [...]