Saturday 28 February 2015

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The EU should mobilise an Alliance of the Willing against Climate Change

By Eberhard Rhein Between November 26th and December 7th the international community will again come together and discuss on what to do against climate change. Since its turbulent 2009 meeting in Copenhagen the international community has not achieved much worth mentioning. Above all, it has failed to define a global a strategy for containing the increase of global temperature within 2°C, its agreed objective.


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Energy and climate: Can it be simply rethinking mainstream growth strategies?

Posted by feps on 26th February 2015

This week could be a turning point for climate and energy policy in Europe. The Commissioner for Energy Union, Maros Sefcovic announced the strategy for Energy Union alongside a Climate [...]

PR challenges in a changing EU

Posted by Stavros Papagianneas on 26th February 2015

“Accuracy, Authenticity and Interest” was the slogan of Ivy Lee, one of the founding fathers of public relations, creator of the press release and pioneer in the field of crisis [...]

#Greece in #Eurozone: What to expect in the next months?

Posted by Dimitris Rapidis on 26th February 2015

  The month-long negotiations between the Greek government and Eurozone ended up temporarily with the adoption of a 4-month extension of the current bailout program during which the Greek government is [...]

MyN exhibition: Aalborg’s best photos

Posted by Irene Marchi on 26th February 2015

Aalborg city lights: the winning picture   On February 27th the Turbine Gallery in Nordkraft will close the doors of the exhibition displaying neighbourhood photos from Aalborg and three other European cities.   Stunning photos [...]

Circular Economy package officially dead

Posted by EurActiv Newsroom on 25th February 2015

The College of Commissioners today (25 February) adopted the executive’s 2015 work programme at their meeting in Brussels, signalling the end of the Circular Economy package of waste, incineration and [...]

“EU Constitution belongs to citizen” – Andrew Duff

Posted by Erika Grey on 25th February 2015

  Prior to the 2014 elections the EU’s leading federalist and constitution specialist, Andrew Duff, oversaw the writing and drafting of the Fundamental Law Treaty to amend the Lisbon Treaty. The [...]

Journalists on the lookout for data tools

Posted by Laurens Cerulus on 25th February 2015

“Don’t ask what you can do for data”… People gathering at the News Impact Summit Brussels on Tuesday (24 February) were wondering what new tools and approaches exist to innovate in [...]

The United States of America Questions the Credibility of the European Union

Posted by Andrew Duff on 25th February 2015

By Andrew Duff If you are American you do not have to be Senator John McCain, who wants to arm the Ukrainians, to question the validity of Europe’s fond [...]

#Media4EU: Who on High Level Group on healthy EU Media sector?

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 24th February 2015

Last month, Fondation EurActiv released its ‘Yellow Overview’ with 6 recommendations for independent and sustainable media in Europe at an event gathering 120+ policy-makers, stakeholders and media representatives in the European [...]

Betting on Brexit

Posted by EurActiv Newsroom on 24th February 2015

Think the UK is leaving the EU? Wanna bet? Well, from Thursday, you can. Ladbrokes will start taking bets on the UK leaving the EU, giving Eurosceptics and Europhiles alike the [...]

Colloque sur la pratique de la subsidiarité et l’économie circulaire

Posted by Emmanuel Morucci on 24th February 2015

La Maison de l’Europe de Brest – Centre d’information Europe Direct Bretagne Ouest organise à Brest Business School, à Brest, le jeudi 26 février 2015 de 8h30 à 12h30, un [...]

MyN Project Meeting in Aalborg

Posted by Irene Marchi on 24th February 2015

The 8th MyN Project Meeting is taking place today and tomorrow in Aalborg, Denmark. The pilots are now presenting their activities.

Why Germany’s identity will define the future of Europe

Posted by European Movement on 22nd February 2015

By Rebecca Harding, CEO of Delta Economics Germany holds the answer to Kissinger’s question: “Who do I call if I want to speak to Europe?” It needs – metaphorically – [...]

Technology: boosting the impact of news

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 22nd February 2015

Guest blogpost by Wilfried Ruetten, director of the European Journalism Centre, ahead of the News Impact Summit Brussels discussing new tools and approaches to cover the European Union. It is [...]

#Greece: What has not been said so far during latest Eurogroups

Posted by Dimitris Rapidis on 22nd February 2015

One step before reaching an agreement (?) on Greece’s bailout program, the government dispatched today the revised proposal including the extension of the current loan agreement for the next six [...]

TTIP yes, TTIP not

Posted by Elio Pennisi on 22nd February 2015

Much has been written already about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a trade agreement currently in negotiation between the European Union and the United States of America. It entails [...]

An EU Federalist Out of the Closet- Interview with Andrew Duff

Posted by Erika Grey on 22nd February 2015

Federalism has become such a dirty word in EU politics, and federalists are accused of so many evils that some EU’s federalists are now hiding in the closet and will [...]

Against Oligarchy: SYRIZA or Barbarism

Posted by Filip Kovacevic on 22nd February 2015

The talented French writer, dedicated revolutionary and wise politician André Malraux wrote in his memoires that Charles de Gaulle was France’s “alibi for courage”. According to Malraux, De Gaulle’s actions [...]

Barosso and Oettinger messed up South Stream

Posted by Georgi Gotev on 22nd February 2015

Soon after he was appointed Commission Vice President for the Energy Union, Maroš Šefčovič started lobbying Russia to return to the South Stream gas pipeline project. The same project was [...]

The UK’s GDS meltdown couldn’t happen in Brussels, right?

Posted by Mathew Lowry on 22nd February 2015

I freely admit: I’ve been a fanboy of the UK’s Government Delivery Service (GDS) since studying their design principles. Those principles are still good. Everything else, it turns out, was [...]