Tuesday 30 September 2014

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The EU should mobilise an Alliance of the Willing against Climate Change

By Eberhard Rhein Between November 26th and December 7th the international community will again come together and discuss on what to do against climate change. Since its turbulent 2009 meeting in Copenhagen the international community has not achieved much worth mentioning. Above all, it has failed to define a global a strategy for containing the increase of global temperature within 2°C, its agreed objective.


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EP Hearings of Commissioners: Will MEPs claim any notable scalps?

Posted by Open Europe blog team on 28th September 2014

Will Juncker’s Commission survive unscathed? (picture via @Gruene_Europa) On Monday we will see the first hearings of European Commission nominees by the European Parliament committees responsible for their respective policy areas [...]

Turkey is EU’s stronghold against the ISIS

Posted by Dimitris Rapidis on 28th September 2014

The Islamic Caliphate (i.e. and not “State” as many refer to it, as it is neither sovereign nor recognized) has been regarded as one of the biggest threats for the [...]

Parliament Single Seat(s)? Europe’s peace in Strasbourg, EU democracy in Brussels

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 28th September 2014

The journalist Richard Hill asked me for a contribution on the ‘single seat’, for the upcoming magazine of BECI, the Brussels business organisation. Here is the full version of my [...]

Humanity must stop building new and phase out existing coal power plants

Posted by Eberhard Rhein on 28th September 2014

The UN Climate Summit on September 24, 2014 has once again underlined the threat of global warming and climate change for future generations but stopped short of responses to what [...]

Greece’s fiscal crisis and its impact on the public sector

Posted by Fotis Zygoulis on 28th September 2014

Elina Zagou, Judicial, County Court Katerini, Greece Fotis Zygoulis, Head of the Independent Planning and Design Department of the Municipality of Heraklion Attica, doctoral candidate at the University of Athens +302132000118, [...]

Aviation industry makes commitment on climate action

Posted by ATAG on 28th September 2014

In support of the United Nations Climate Summit and in keeping with its longstanding goals of sustainable growth, the aviation industry joined other business and government groups in making a [...]

Scotland, the rise of nationalism and European decline

Posted by David on 28th September 2014

Freedom of choice is one of democracy‘s greatest gifts. When free people give their assent to Community structures, it is because they trust them. Trust grows as a product of [...]

On Evgeny Vitishko, multilateral development banks and criminalisation of criticism

Posted by Bankwatch on 28th September 2014

The recent rejection to release Evgeny Vitishko’s, an imprisoned environmental activist in Russia, illustrates the backlash against fundamental rights and freedoms in some countries. Multilateral development banks need to take [...]

Reforming Dutch occupational pension schemes

Posted by Raymond Gradus on 28th September 2014

In many countries occupational plans are being reformed from Defined-Benefit (DB) to Defined-Contribution (DC) designs. In a Netspar discussion paper Lans Bovenberg and I explore the case of the Netherlands, [...]

The european drug report 2014

Posted by EU-Logos on 28th September 2014

Trends and developments presented to LIBE commmitte on the 24th of september by the Director of the EMCCDDA, Wolfgang Götz.The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) raises [...]

Making the same mistake all over again: Juncker’s reshuffling of public health portfolios

Posted by ACELG on 25th September 2014

By Anniek de Ruijter With the reshuffling of the Commission portfolios by president-elect Juncker, major units for EU public health protection move from DG SANCO to DG Enterprise and Industry. [...]

More bad news: Mr Juncker replies to concerns on medicines

Posted by jim on 25th September 2014

Mr Juncker has replied by letter to the concerns of the health sector on the transfer of medicines from DG Sanco to DG Enterprise/Internal Market. The letter says that one [...]

Trading activity for meaning

Posted by Mathew Lowry on 25th September 2014

Last year I decided to get Information Overload under control, setting up a GTD system with a DoIt-driven morning routine and Pocket, Diigo and IFTTT to queue, store and share [...]

Have the SPD and German unions endorsed TTIP? Not quite…

Posted by Open Europe blog team on 25th September 2014

While the Labour Party’s conference dominated the coverage in the UK over the past few days, its German sister party, the SPD, held its own ‘mini’ conference over the weekend. [...]

A decline in courage

Posted by Tyszecki on 25th September 2014

Maja Kocijančič, Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the EU led by High Representative/Vice-President Catherine Ashton, said that by end of September European Union is going [...]

Better security through knowledge

Posted by adamczyzewski on 25th September 2014

Security was the leading theme of a closed expert debate organised by the Polish Institute of International Affairs and its Turkish counterpart – the Centre for Strategic Research of the [...]

Betting-related match-fixing exposed on study

Posted by sportetcitoyennete on 25th September 2014

In November 2013, two studies were launched related to the prevention and fight against betting-related match-fixing.  The results of these studies are now finalised and publicly available. The first [...]

The ebola outbreak in West Africa is no threat to international peace

Posted by Eberhard Rhein on 25th September 2014

On September 18, the UN Security has unanimously passed a resolution, co-sponsored by 131(!) governments, calling the outbreak of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone a “threat to international [...]

Sports nutrition ads – do they have a place on the pitch?

Posted by Chris Whitehouse on 25th September 2014

Whitehouse Consultancy client, the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance, is quoted on top EU food regulation site Nutraingredients.com defending the sector’s products. The defence comes as  two researchers from the Institute [...]

Eurodeputati e pesticidi

Posted by Carlo Peano on 25th September 2014

Sto camminando al piano zero dell’edificio Altiero Spinelli del Parlamento Europeo insieme al mio ex capo F e andando all’infocentre: parliamo della nuova legislatura, degli eurodeputati che non ci sono [...]