Saturday 20 December 2014

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The EU should mobilise an Alliance of the Willing against Climate Change

By Eberhard Rhein Between November 26th and December 7th the international community will again come together and discuss on what to do against climate change. Since its turbulent 2009 meeting in Copenhagen the international community has not achieved much worth mentioning. Above all, it has failed to define a global a strategy for containing the increase of global temperature within 2°C, its agreed objective.


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What will be important in 2015?

Posted by Dan Luca on 19th December 2014

From a European viewpoint… 2015 is officially the “European Year of Development”, but politically the upcoming elections in the UK (May 2015) will most likely intensify tensions in and reporting [...]

My Christmas Wish-list

Posted by The Risk Monger on 19th December 2014

As Christmas approaches, the Risk-Monger finds himself on Santa’s Naughty List. See how he tries to wiggle out of this one and presents three simple ideas for 2015!

Open Europe embraces digital change

Posted by OE London on 18th December 2014

Open Europe has moved. We are revamping and massively upgrading our digital presence to become even better. Enjoy our new website, where it will be easier for you to consume, [...]

Getting away from it all

Posted by Richard Hill on 18th December 2014

It’s not surprising that the best way to describe a profound longing for something unattainable is a German word: Sehnsucht. According to Wikipedia, it “is difficult to translate adequately and [...]

BlogActiv message: We’ll be back… soon!

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 18th December 2014

By BlogActiv Dear bloggers, dear readers, 2014 has been a fascinating year for everyone involved in, and blogging about, Europe’s politics and policies. On the EU stage, citizens chose their [...]

Donald Tusk and the Invisible World

Posted by Duncan Freeman on 18th December 2014

Following his accession to the position of President of the European Council, Donald Tusk received a phone call from President Xi Jinping, and an invitation to visit China. It is [...]

“Junker’s Stimulus Plan Is Unrealistic On Many Fronts”

Posted by Dimitris Rapidis on 18th December 2014

By Dim Rapidis Dimitri B. Papadimitriou on ECB interest rates policy, deflation, Junkers’s fiscal stimulus plan, debt management and the Stability Pact, US economy, and the economic crisis in Greece.

2015—Can We Make It Different?

Posted by Michael Laitman on 18th December 2014

The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on where we are compared to where we want to be. A few days ago I came across [...]

A keen appreciation of the human condition

Posted by Richard Hill on 18th December 2014

One of the things that sticks out in the perception of a foreigner is the overriding sense of fairness of the Belgians in their dealings with others. I say this [...]

To hell with ethnic purity

Posted by Richard Hill on 18th December 2014

The French, who for so long talked about ‘nos ancêtres, les Gaulois’, may have felt justified in not looking too closely at their antecedence. The Germanic element is in fact [...]

Russia: Uncertain Consequences

Posted by Antonia Colibasanu on 18th December 2014

In the morning of Dec. 16, the ruble was supposed to rally. Instead, it collapsed. The ruble fell as the current account was improving, something that [...]

Russia’s Strategic Shift To East Continues: Now India

Posted by AriRusila on 18th December 2014

“The steadfast support of the people of Russia for India has been there even at difficult moments in our history. It has been a pillar of strength for India’s development, [...]

Circus8: 2014 ‘Year of fooling the People’ ends with Council’s Coup by Press Release

Posted by David on 17th December 2014

Europe today is like a tennis club. Imagine you paid fees to a tennis club and that gave you right to elect the executive committee. All the membership agreed in [...]

Austerity and inequality undermine EU

Posted by Florian Pantazi on 16th December 2014

By Florian Pantazi The numerous geopolitical tensions in 2014 in Ukraine, Syria or Iraq could not obscure the fact that the most worrying problems in the world today are economic, [...]

Net Neutrality: A Hungarian Perspective

Posted by Chris Sherwood on 16th December 2014

A LACK OF NET NEUTRALITY WILL HURT SMALL BUSINESSES AND SITES THE MOST By Miklos Orban   Call me a history geek, but I love the Modern Mechanix blog. It is about how [...]

What was important in 2014?

Posted by Dan Luca on 16th December 2014

From a European viewpoint… 2014 delivered on its promise of a full and exciting year at the European level: parliamentary elections in May, and the new Commission which took office [...]

Aviators’ boss ‘confused’ about airline efficiency: the impact of the oil price slide

Posted by The Transport & Environment team on 16th December 2014

The rapid slide in oil prices, down 41% since June, has left the aviation industry struggling to defend its continuing high fuel surcharges and reports of record profits, writes Andrew Murphy. Here [...]

A general regulation of administrative procedure for the European Union?

Posted by ACELG on 16th December 2014

Since the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon the passionate desire of the European Ombudsman and European Parliament is to create a regulation for administrative procedures for all [...]

Good media relations require a two-way relationship

Posted by Chris Whitehouse on 16th December 2014

In an article for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Whitehouse Associate Director Alex Singleton explains why spamming journalists with press releases doesn’t work. To read Alex’s article, please click here. The Whitehouse [...]

Turkey’s EU Accession Negotiations should now be suspended

Posted by Andrew Duff on 15th December 2014

By Andrew Duff This Turkey will not join this European Union. Why? In short: Turkey is becoming less and less European.