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In a comment to the first post of this blog, Raymond van Ermen wrote the following:
“The Berlin Declaration celebrating the EU’s 50th anniversary is very disappointing for two reasons :
o In January 2007, President Barroso named sustainability as one of the EU’s five key values, to be enshrined in the Berlin Declaration celebrating the EU’s 50th anniversary. However, the reference was restricted to figthing climate change.
o The Declaration has not been signed by all the Member States.
1.1. Focus on Climate Change only ?
That “Climate Change” is prefered – as a EU priority – to “Sustainable Development” is a wrong signal. Indeed humanity is faced with an “evolutionary wall” resulting not of one threat (climate change) but of 3 challenges coming at the same time : climate change, the war for resources, the right to development of all with booming economies in countries as China and India. This is why the […]

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