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Two Meetings in Brussels : Suspicions Raised Regarding the Turkey’s New Foreign Policy
Article (Excerpt) By Kader Sevinç, CHP EU Representative
Strategic Thinking Review
Undoubtedly, the political and economic developments in the EU member states are immediately echoed in Brussels. Domestic political discussions in the European countries regarding Turkey’s accession to the EU have recently gained impetus, naturally depending on the ups-and-downs of political and social transformation in Turkey.
Recently, some commentators have argued that Turkey is turning away from the West to the East. During his visit to Brussels in January 2009, after a four-year break, Prime Minister Erdoğan made the audience disappointed by his speech. He centered his speech on Hamas and used a very emotional language on the Israel-Philistine conflict, instead of demonstrating Turkey’s institutional standpoint. This gave the impression to some that Turkey is part of the problem but not part of the solution.
He blamed the international media, in particular […]

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