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Author: Ivana Srdikj
Since June 6, 2011 up until today, youngsters in Macedonia have been asking themselves whether they live in a safe place. After young Martin Neskovski was killed by a police representative, Macedonian citizens gathered to speak out against police brutality and to ask for justice. Once news were spread via Twitter and Facebook, mainly young people embarked on a protest parade through the city streets in Skopje to peacefully express their indignation. Similar rallies have been held in Veles, Prilep and Bitola.
Namely, on June 6 in the midst of the election victory celebration of the Macedonian ruling party VMRO-DPMNE (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization- Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity), 22-year-old Martin Neskovski was beaten to death by a police officer on the Skopje City Square. First, there were negations of the event with the police claiming […]

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