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EnergyBrains is not just a group of people who wish to write about energy politics. It is the first piece of a puzzle that we seek to complete; a theoretical foundation for continued research that we hope will eventually reveal a bigger picture. Our mission is to develop a far-reaching framework for understanding the dynamic interplay between business, law, and politics when it comes to energy issues.
Energy has often been depicted as the ideal tool for making threats (or responding to them), the bargaining chip in exerting power (or suffering coercion), and the key to gaining (or losing) independence. The word “energy” is commonly augmented with words like “security”, “weapon”, “dependence”, “curse”… These are generally one-sided journalistic approaches to a contingency. The academic and policy worlds, however, are finally understanding the importance of the interdependence between countries in terms of energy trade and cooperation. More and more experts are starting […]

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