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Hélène Flautre stated last year that many politicians and governments of the European Union are jealous of Turkey’s role in its regions such as the Middle East and the Balkans. She is right, because several politicians (as well as several media) proved it again. They are also disturbed of a politically – and economically – powerful Turkey.
According to a German newspaper, Elmar Brok – the notorious Turkey hater (who is Merkel’s right-hand) – said that Turkey has neo-Ottoman policies in the Middle East.
That is not true. That is jealousy and a lie that aims at discrediting Turkey. Elmar Brok and the CDU/CSU are disturbed of Turkey’s job in the Middle East.
Turkish minister for foreign affairs Ahmet Davutoğlu stated again several weeks ago that Turkey has no neo-Ottoman policies.
In fact, Turkey only aims at maintaining stability and propagating the peace through economy, culture and political dialogue.
Yes, Turkey is improving its […]

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