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Cyprus: a little more salt?

I quote from EurActiv: A written statement issued by EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Commissioner Stefan Füle’s office last week read that “the Commission regrets any statements that are not conducive to the objective of peaceful settlement of border disputes” and recalled that “the Council of Ministers has repeatedly underlined the importance of progress in the normalisation of relations between Turkey and all EU member states, including the Republic of Cyprus”.
The Commission said that “it will continue to monitor Turkey’s commitments to good neighbourly relations in the light of the principle of peaceful settlement of disputes”.
That is scandalous. Who is fooling whom? The Turkish side has always supported the reunification of Cyprus.
As for the Greek side, let’s remind that it rejected the Annan peace plan in 2004 (and betrayed Günter Verheugen – the EU commissioner for enlargement). And then, as it was going to be an EU member anyway, it decided […]

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