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Don’t buy an electric car!

If you care about the environment, don’t buy an electric car. I have just spent some time in the Great State of Michigan, and while the enthusiasm for electric cars there is palatable, the conversations I have had with people in the field have not been reassuring.
Bottom line: if you care about the environment, don’t buy any car at all: walk, pedal or take the bus. If it is essential for you in your world to own a vehicle, find one that is 20 years old and use it only when necessary. I have come to the opinion that greener cars are much less green than our ecological guilt complex would want us to believe.
As the Risk-Monger tends to hug smokestacks rather than trees, what has got a bee in his bonnet this time? It is not just the sanctimonious pomp of “green” car producers and drivers. It is not […]

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