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Sense and Sensibility

“We shouldn’t invest in energy efficiency because it’s bad for economic growth”, claims Markus Pieper, MEP. All right, he was speaking in German and maybe the EU Parliament’s interpreters were having a tough day. But they can’t have got it completely wrong. He did say saving energy is a bad thing.
What an unhelpful remark. Mr Pieper’s opinions are important, because he is the European People Party’s lead MEP on the Energy Efficiency Directive. And the EPP of course are the top boys in the EU Parliament at the moment, with a third of the seats. So presumably lots of people are now equally misinformed.
Still – fair’s fair – he was simply repeating a common misunderstanding. Most of us instinctively associate energy efficiency with “rationing” (that dreaded word) and believe it is diametrically opposed to growth.
Not true. Saving energy will speed up economic recovery, not hinder it. Defending EU Commission analyses […]

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