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Montenegrin daily newspaper “Vijesti” reported about the meeting that President of ruling DPS party Milo Djukanovic, held last Thursday with selected Montenegrin public figures (who are mostly identified as “defenders of national identity”). He shared his vision of the situation in Montenegro, the region and the European Union, and it was mentioned that the EU is in a crisis whose outcome may be its dissolution.
This was confirmed to “Vijesti” by several participants of the meeting. One excerpt from the daily newpaper says that Mr Djukanovic alluded that “situation in the region is also difficult and worrying, and because of the eurozone crisis the EU could face a difficult period, so Montenegro should carefully watch its own interest and not blindly follow the path into EU membership”.
“Vijesti” reported that Djukanovic has thus confirmed that his interview from July 13th wasn’t randomness, since that was the first time when he made ??the distance from the European integration of Montenegro, which […]

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