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Joschka Fischer stated yesterday through El Pais that Turkey has neo-Ottoman policies because Merkel and Sarkozy froze Turkey’s EU membership process.
Following many politicians and media, Mr Joschka Fischer is wrong. Turkey has no neo-Ottoman policies but a Zero problem with the neighbours policy. Is it so difficult to understand?
Turkey doesn’t deepen its ties with its neighbours because the EU-Turkey negotiations process is sabotaged but because it has to do it. Why entertain good relations with one’s neighbour states would be abnormal?
Turkey doesn’t deepen its ties with the countries of the Middle East because these countries are of Muslim religion but quite simply because they are its neighbours. And let’s recall that Turkey is freezing its military and political relations with Syria. Is that a neo-Ottoman policy?
Besides, Turkey also improves its ties with Russia, Georgia and Serbia, though these countries are not of Muslim religion.
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