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Turkey – Iraq
Turkey – Bulgaria
Turkey – Greece
Turkey – Ukraine
These are not football matches.
These are the next high level strategic meetings that Turkey and Ahmet Davutoğlu have organised.
Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoğlu was Mehmet Ali Birand’s guest at his weekly “32nd day” TV program.
At the end of the very interesting interview, Mehmet Ali Birand called into question Turkey’s Zero problem with the neighbours owing for instance to the frozen relations with Syria.
Ahmet Davutoğlu answered that that policy still represents Turkey’s main agenda and introduced the next high level strategic meetings with several of its neighbours.

That response surprised Mehmet Ali Birand.
In fact, these meetings were apparently not expected by him. And Mr Birand especially highlighted the one with Greece since there are tensions about Cyprus.
Well in spite of Greece and the Greek Cypriots’ hostility and unwillingness about the reunification of Cyprus, Turkey didn’t cancel the meeting with Greece.
Will Greece be […]

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