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Guest post by Kaj Embrén, Sustainable Development export and blogger, Stockholm, Sweden.
Revolution and recession. For good reason, these two words have dominated headlines over the past year. Yet talk of such political and financial tumult has resulted in the neglect of a third issue, which is both critical and germane: sustainability.
In every crisis there is opportunity, and in my opinion, only through sustainable models can upheaval be turned into enduring opportunity.
Take the example of Libya: a nascent nation that has rid itself of Gaddafi, which now must attempt to overhaul his legacy of crumbling infrastructure, poor education and high unemployment, whilst nurturing a lasting peace. This second revolution, if successful, will certainly be more prosaic and protracted than the first. If it fails, however, the ensuing reality could possibly prove more fraught than life under the former tyrant.
To succeed, any newly elected Libyan leaders must utilize their country’s natural resources […]

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