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On 15 November, the European Parliament adopted a Resolution on online gambling in the Internal Market.

The Rapporteur for the preparation of the Resolution was Mr Jürgen Creutzmann, MEP. The report calls in particular for steps to ensure the integrity of sport with regard to gambling activities.
The European Parliament takes the view that efficient regulation of the online gambling sector should in particular:

channel the natural gaming instinct of the population,
combat the illegal gambling sector,
guarantee effective protection for gamblers, with specific attention to vulnerable groups, in particular young people,
preclude risks of gambling addiction,
ensure that gambling is proper, fair, responsible and transparent,
ensure that specific measures are promoted to guarantee the integrity of sporting competition,
ensure that a considerable proportion of government revenue from gambling is used for publicly beneficial and charitable purposes,
ensure that gaming is kept free from crime, fraud and any form of money laundering…

Read more on the website of the European Parliament.
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