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Editor’s note: The latest fashion in the debate on the energy efficiency directive is to call for energy intensity targets (i.e. the number of units of energy used to create a unit of GDP) instead of the established 20% reduction in energy consumption.
It is important to be aware of the vested interests behind this move – and we hope that these ‘leaked extracts’ from an unnamed MEP’s private diary will shed some light on the matter!
Private diary of Centre Right MEP X.

Monday 21 November
Don’t remember much about today. I got back from the constituency very late and was in my office first thing this morning after a fairly sleepless night. T. and I spent some time reviewing what the papers said about my speech, and congratulating ourselves on our success.
Thinking over what B.H. told me about the impact he reckons the energy efficiency directive would have on the local […]

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