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Durban: One climate, one goal?

Guest post by Roeland SCHOLTALBERS, Media & Communication Officer at the international alliance of Catholic development agencies CIDSE.
There is much at stake as the international community gathers in Durban, South Africa, for the yearly UN summit on climate change (28/11/11 – 09/12/11).
The Kyoto protocol, the only binding international agreement on emission reductions, expires next year, while more ambitious science-based emission cuts are urgently needed to halt advancing climate change. International climate finance needs to be firmed up to ensure reliable funding for developing countries to tackle the impacts of climate change.
However, after the limited progress at last year’s summit in Cancun, Mexico, it seems unlikely that countries will be able iron out the scores of divergences and reach an ambitious and legally binding agreement.
That’s a shame, because tackling the global environmental, humanitarian and development emergency, which climate change is, should be everyone’s first priority.
The debate in the world’s most advanced […]

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