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Guest post by Kaj EMBREN, Sustainable Development export and blogger, Stockholm, Sweden.
In the middle of some of the most turbulent political and economic crises of modern times, UN climate negotiators will meet in Durban, South Africa, on November 28th. Their greatest challenge will be making their voices heard above the noise of the ailing Eurozone and the other pressing financial concerns facing the international community.
Creating a low-carbon economy is seen as a burden on the state and a drain on public funds, but in fact economic and environmental forces should work in harmony. This requires political courage though, and it is vital that the 20,000 negotiators and stakeholders at Durban show the determination required to find sustainable solutions that can both speed up activity in the low-carbon economy and mitigate the economic crisis. They must do so immediately.
In an interview with the Financial Times, former US President, Bill Clinton, said: […]

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