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The Climate opportunists are showing up all over Durban for the COP 17 UNFCCC Climate Conference. Not only are there clopportunists from the environmental NGO world … who have all found the budgets and the carbon offsetting to fly to South Africa (in order to complain about how so few others are attending). Some clopportunists are walking around Durban passing out business cards from new organisations and consultancies that are dedicated to feeding off of the climate industry. We should therefore not begrudge developing countries for having rejigged their development aid needs to meet the demands of the coming catastrophe.
Aid strategies have always followed dominant narratives in society and countries or regions in need should not be belied for their attempts at issue manipulation. From the Cold War to the famine politics to pandemic crises, international aid has always found its maximisation context. Sadly, as our attention has been distracted […]

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