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Durban will not save the world

Diplomatic conferences rarely end with a failure! Diplomats do not like being accused of failure. This goes in particular for long conferences with thousands of participants which cost millions of euro.
The 17th international climate conference, COP 17 in the official jargon, that ended in the dawn of Sunday 11th December, 36 hours after its planned end, is no exception to that rule. After 13 days of speeches and endless discussions on actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change the key actors – EU, USA, China, India, Brazil and Japan – did not want to return home empty-handed.
In the early hours of December 11th , amid confusion that prevented many delegates from following, the COP 17 plenary “adopted” what will be called the “Durban Platform”, the text of which is not yet available on the Internet 24 hours after the end of the Conference.
In the usual self-congratulatory mood the key […]

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