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In North America and Northern Europe roughly more than one third of CO2 emissions are due to heating, which is correlated to average temperatures from October to April.
The latest estimates of the German aggregate energy consumption and CO2 emissions in 2011 confirm this rule of thumb.
The total German energy consumption is expected to fall by an impressive five per cent over 2010, the CO2 emissions to decline by three per cent. These reductions result essentially from high temperatures prevailing in most of 2011; assuming “normal” temperatures the CO2 emissions would have gone up by one per cent.
In a medium-term perspective, the German record of energy saving is much less impressive than German energy and environmental officials make us believe:
a reduction of the total energy consumption by 10 per cent during the last 20 years, since 1990, and just five per cent during the last five years, when European climate policy […]

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