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I knew that one day these two articles regarding Ilker Başbuğ would be useful. I quote some crucial extracts:
Turkey’s top general in ‘challenging mood’ over coup allegations – March 16th 2010
When a journalist asked about speculations that top generals might consider resigning from their posts in reaction to the arrests of their colleagues, Başbuğ did not hide his anger. “Are you going to be happy if we resign? I said I am on the job until the last minute of my term,” he said. “I have been wearing this uniform for the last 50 years and I still feel like a lieutenant.”
Başbuğ continued by explaining the meaning of “teğmen,” the Turkish word for lieutenant: “‘Teğmen’ means the one who attacks. This word was created by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk himself. We’ll sometimes be generals, sometimes lieutenants.”
“I started to wear this uniform in 1957. I was promoted to officer in 1962. My […]

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