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When General Ilker Başbuğ (a true pro-Atatürk man and soldier) became the Chief of General Staff, the websites created by some traitorous soldiers that aimed at destabilizing the Turkish government already existed.
Therefore he can’t be responsible for that anti-government propaganda.
Furthermore, these sites were closed following an order given by….Chief of General Staff Ilker Başbuğ himself.

Thus for God’s sake who is fooling whom?
I quote the excellent Turkish newspaper Anadolu Ajansı:
“I reject this charge… I, as the chief of the general staff, am the commander of the Turkish armed forces which is one of the most powerful armies in the world,” Başbuğ said in testimony at an Istanbul court Thursday.
Every minute that Mr Ilker Başbuğ has been spending in prison is an insult to his stature and intelligence.

Every minute that he has been spending in prison is a smear on his and Turkey’s integrity.
In other words, by reason of what he […]

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