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The Danish EU Presidency has a small problem. Its foreign minister Villy Søvndal doesn’t know where is Transnistria, and probably would find it difficult to locate Moldova on a map of Europe. Sixty six Brussels-based journalist witnessed the embarrassment of the minister, who was asked by a Romanian journalist what about Moldova in the Danish enlargement plans, and if he saw a solution to the Transnistria frozen conflict, which Russia created to cool down Moldova’s EU aspirations.

The minister, who is not a career diplomat, stumbled upon the name of Moldova, and found an easy way out by saying that all countries should be treated according to their merits. On Transnistria, he didn’t even venture to pronounce the name, but in a very honest Scandinavian style confessed he had no knowledge on the issue.
Right, we have Ashton and it’s probably her services that will take care of Transnistria as presidency time […]

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