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Guest Post by Fitch F. Rich, Croatian Blogger

The results of the referendum are clear – Croatia has chosen Europe! Two thirds of Croatian voters voted ‘YES’ in today’s referendum on country’s EU accession. Exactly 22 years after that historical day when Croatian delegation left the congress of the Yugoslav League of Communists in Sava Center Belgrade, Croatian people chose to enter yet another supranational association. The time will show whether this was a wise choice.
But what’s most concerning is a turnout of just around 44 percent! Although no one really expected it to be more than 80 percent like in 1990 when the referendum on independence was held, the polls have almost unanimously predicted something between 60 and 70 percent. 45 is pretty low for a crucial decision like this.
Nevertheless, today’s turnout did send a pretty significant message to Croatian political elite. The people are not happy with the way […]

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