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To start with, the religious leader of the Armenian-rooted Turkish citizens of Turkey stated recently (towards France): Do not interfere with the matters between Turkey and Armenia.
But many French politicians decided to interfere owing to two reasons: to weaken Turkey and for short-term domestic political gains.
Now I do want to suggest that former post of mine:

Daniel Hannan: “The EU will regret its dishonest, humiliating treatment of Turkey”

I quote myself:
“Several countries seem to have an amnesia or an allergy about their past but they have none about the one of Turkey.
These countries ought to look in the mirror before launching missiles of critics to Turkey from their desk.
Why so much obsession about Turkey? Why do so many journalists and politicians in the EU (especially in France) and in the USA keep asking Turkey to face with its past? Is it really in the name of History? Or is it because they want to gain more votes and/or to weaken Turkey? But […]

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