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A level-playing field for European foundations is a step closer to becoming a reality with the European Commission’s adoption of a proposed Regulation on a European Foundation Statute on 8 February 2012. In these tough financial times, with increasingly tightened purse strings and every cent scrutinised, it is vital that foundations have the right tools to allow them to leverage their valuable resources.
A European Foundation Statute would reduce the amount spent on needless administration and instead allow the money to be spent furthering foundations’ philanthropic work.
A European Foundation Statute is a vital element in cultivating the right European environment for public-benefit foundations – and the citizens’ initiatives they support – to flourish. A new European legal tool, it would be both additional to existing national legislations and optional, i.e. used by those who need it to expand or start cross-border activities and collaborative ventures. Accessible and tailored to foundations’ needs, […]

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