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Recently, political elites and analysts project Cyprus upcoming EU presidency as a deadline (and catalyst) for the resolution of the Cyprus problem, the dispute between Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots on the fate of their island. In reality, this is nothing more than empty rhetoric and the EU remains powerless in affecting the resolution of the dispute.
The EU’s failure to facilitate the resolution of the Cyprus problem is long-standing. When Cyprus (as represented by the Greek-Cypriot controlled Republic of Cyprus) applied for EU membership in 1998, accession was conditioned on the reunification of the Greek-Cypriots with the Turkish-Cypriots (in the northern part of the island and under the secessionist self-declared state of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), under a unitary state. However, soon, this condition was dropped. In practise, this meant that Greek-Cypriots and the internationally recognised Republic of Cyprus safeguarded their entry to the EU. On the other hand, the inclusion of Turkish-Cypriots […]

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