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Well Greece has been an EU member since 1981. It received dozens of billions of EU funds and was able to modernize itself. It has been enjoying a very privileged situation within a rich and stable EU. But it still displays hostility towards Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots.
In the first instance, let’s remind the recent astonishing agressive statements – especially as regards the Cypriot issue – made by the Greek and Greek Cypriot leaders such as Mr Christofias, Papoulias and Papandreou (as well as those made by the religious Greek leaders).
In the second instance, I want to introduce the answer from the Turkish Foreign Ministry regarding the last anti-peace statement from Greece’s Foreign Minister Mr Stavros Dimas :
Turkey criticizes Greek Foreign Minister for his remarks targeting Turkey – February 20th 2012
I quote:
The Turkish Foreign Ministry criticized yesterday the recent remarks made by Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Dimas who […]

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