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Since 2002 the EU has initiated two sets of policies to reduce green house gas emissions from cars:

encourage the use of biofuels from sun flower seeds, rape seeds, soy beans, wheat, corn and palm oil and obtain a share of 5.75 per cent of total fuel consumption in 2010 and 10 per cent in 2020.
fix a technical standard of 130 g C02 emission per km for the average newly registered car in 2012.

Both measures were only moderately successful:

The bio-fuels employed did not really reduce emissions because of additional C02 emissions occurring during their production and processing.
The fast rise of individual traffic more than neutralised the positive impact of emission standards;

The EU should therefore try to do better in the future.
It should only admit biofuels that reduce C02 emissions by at least 50 per cent, taking into consideration all negative by-effects, from the use of chemical fertiliser to deforestation.
Second generation biofuels […]

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