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By Phillip Souta
At the end of a low-key European Council meeting last week, David Cameron, the Prime Minister, said that Britain had formed an ‘unprecedented alliance’ of like-minded states focused on boosting growth through completion of the single market and other reforms. The 20 February letter co-signed by him and 11 other EU leaders including Mario Monti of Italy and Mariano Rajoy of Spain was the latest example of UK driven letter-diplomacy.
The British Brussels Network’s (BBN) second event in Brussels also took place during the European Council last week, on 1 March, and British influence was also the focus, but from a slightly different perspective.
Jonathan Faull, Director-General for Information Society and Media at the Commission, Robert Madelin, Director-General for Internal Market and Services, Richard Corbett an adviser to the newly re-appointed President Herman van Rompuy, and Michael Collins from Citibank came together to discuss the level and effectiveness of British […]

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