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It’s time we believed it. And reported it! Churlish, grumpy hostility is the default mode of British discourse on Europe. Plus a wilful indifference to take the great game of continental politics seriously. Sad. It is little wonder that Europe, to the people who built an Empire, means being the playground squirt throttled by the school bullies from Berlin and Paris bent on stealing our freedom and money. But the fog of Europhobe war erases Dave’s cunning plans in Europe which yesterday he revealed in the Commons. This is not Maggie’s finger-wagging, Major’s hand-wringing or Blair’s foot-dragging. It’s about one serious policy: Britain needs a modernised Europe to maximise home growth and foreign influence. To that end Cameron will finish the single market job the lady started 30 years and do so with as many allies as he can get. Nucleus will be tracking daily how the Prime Minister and his friends […]

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