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Merkozy, c’est fini

End of the affair as Ange and Nick go their separate ways

The liaison turned out to be trop dangéreuse. On Wednesday, after a slow-burning affair of almost five years, Nicolas broke off with Angela. She won’t, after all, pledge her troth at public rallies during his re-election campaign.Merkozy, c’est fini. Cue the theme of ‘Un Homme et Une Femme’.
But this is not a standard chiclit romance gone wrong: beneath the surface lie deep tensions as both leaders fight for their political lives and for a social and political vision of Europe. His open embrace of an anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant platform in order to filch back stray votes from Marine Le Pen appears to have paid off: he’s rising in the polls on a threat to pull France out of the passport-free Schengen zone. Not a runner in today’s Germany.
Least of all in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany’s most populous federal state and home to […]

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