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Le Comeback-Kid

By David Gow
David Cameron’s judgment may well be vindicated: don’t write off Nicolas Sarkozy, he said, and, voila, lecomeback-kid remonte dans les sondages. The bloody end to the siege of Mohamed Merah in Toulouse and Sarkozy’s handling of the brutal murder of seven in the “pink city” has given the president’s re-election campaign a significant boost.
The first post-Toulouse poll – by BVA – shows Sarkozy running neck-and-neck in the first round slated for April 22 with Francois Hollande, the socialist candidate and front-runner for months. Sarkozy is on 28%, up two points, and Hollande 29.5%, down 1.5 points; others, taken before Toulouse, have put Sarkozy marginally ahead. But the BVA poll still shows Hollande winning the run-off second round on May – by 54% to 46% against the incumbent.
The past week has reignited Sarkozy’s campaign – and the president himself who looked a tired, spent, burned-out has-been earlier this month, notably […]

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