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Solar electricity generated from PV panels and mirrors is due to become one of the leading sources of power generation in the 21st century. It is abundantly available and will become cheaper to produce than fossil or nuclear electricity, due to technological advances in thin-film solar cells and conversion rates of solar irradiation.
EU researchers had recognised this almost 40 years. The EU, Germany and Spain have promoted solar research and encouraged consumer demand by long-duration subsidies up to 40 cents/kWh for home-generated PV electricity sold to utilities.
Thanks to these subsidies, the most expensive after nuclear power, Europe has become the world`s biggest user of PV electricity. Of the total capacity of 67 GW installed world-wide in 2011 more than two thirds are situated in Europe, mostly in Germany, Spain and Italy.
Until the middle of the last decade Europe has also been the leading manufacturer of PV cells and panels, before […]

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