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Member States are rightly shunned by their peers for getting creative with budget deficit figures. So why is there so much support from national governments to apply the same methods to the EU’s draft Energy Efficiency Directive?
Leaked documents from European Council meetings show that at least 12 out of 27 Member States are seeking to include ‘early actions’ in the Directive. If successful, they would be allowed to credit savings made before the implementation of the Directive (hence ‘early action’).
Why is this so important? At present rates the EU will only reduce its energy use by 9% in 2020, missing its 20% savings target by over half. Logically, all new legislation and measures to save energy have to be additional to existing polices – otherwise the target won’t be met.
Early action is a bogus way to double count and avoid making additional savings. And there is a worrying precedent: The […]

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