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We call it salami tactics: the EU Council is cutting away the Energy Efficiency Directive slice by slice. One tactic is to count savings made prior to the directive’s implementation (see our story on ‘early action’). Another is to credit savings before they have actually been achieved.
How this works: several member states are trying to set the 1.5% target in Article 6 so that each year’s required savings would actually be delivered over a 15-25 year timeframe. This means that real annual savings would be just a fraction of the official savings reported to the Commission.
We’re still not sure exactly how many member states are in favour of this definition of ‘lifetime savings’. But it seems the UK is one of them. This at least is what officials from the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) told us in a meeting in London on March 21st. See below for […]

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