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The 100-year old internal combustion engine will be phased out in the coming six decades or so. This is bound to happen for two concurring reasons:

Oil will become so scarce and expensive that driving vehicles on gasoline or diesel will no longer be affordable.
In order to successfully combat climate change, for which mobility accounts to the extent of one quarter, Humanity must find alternative energy sources.

But as long as most of our electricity demand is covered from fossil sources there is no ecological urgency for implementing the necessary technological revolution of land transport. Nor is there an economic urgency as long as e-vehicles are substantially more expensive, while being less convenient in terms of range and loading energy.
In order to reach the EU 2050 climate target of reducing C02 emissions by 80 per cent, the European transport sector will have to reduce emissions by 60 per cent.
This will be achievable […]

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