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The head of the Euro-2012 Ukraine local organising committee Markiyan Lubkivskyi called Ukraine’s preparation for the soccer “the peculiar rehearsal of Ukraine’s entering to the EU”. “By preparation for the soccer we have reached new standards not only in the infrastructure – modern stadiums, airports, hotels, but in the life of common people”, he said to French journalists.
It would be great, if was a true. Unfortunately, some new stadiums and airports, few repaired highways absolutely did not change this country and did not bring any European standards in the life of its people. In contrary, the preparation for the Euro-2012 has shown numerous Ukraine’s defects, incompatible with real European integration.
The most anti-European things were going in the sphere of public procurements. Reportedly Ukraine has spent about 7,5 bln euros for the preparation for the soccer, and 90% of the sum is public finances. The most of these money […]

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