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Guest post by Elena Gerebizza – Today concludes the Danish EU Presidency’s informal meeting of energy and environment ministers, where Commissioners for Environment Janez Potocnik, for Climate action Connie Hedegaard and for Energy Günther Oettinger gathered to discuss how best to orient the bloc’s environment and energy policies to ensure a ‘greener Europe to help solve the financial crisis’ . The meeting follows the publication in February of the EU’s Energy roadmap, in which the Commission outlined different scenarios to lead the energy transformation of Europe by 2050 .
While the roadmap has elements that could lead to decarbonising the European economy and reducing the amount of fossil fuels within the EU’s energy mix, it would be remiss to suggest that it is the solution to set the EU on a green path towards economic recovery. The EU must address its overreliance on fossil fuels, and in particular those that are […]

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