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This Thursday, on the 10th of May, the European Parliament will vote on the renewal of the EU roaming regulation. It is expected to accept the compromise that was reached between the Parliament and the Council at the end of March.
What is to be expected from the new roaming rules? First of all, prices for roaming will go down further. For example, calling home will cost around 34 ct/min from July on and go down to around 23 ct/min until 2014. The cost of using the internet when abroad will come down from up to 12000€/GB now (no kidding!) to around 840€/GB this year and 240€/GB by 2014. In addition, consumer protection mechanisms will be improved: for example, you will receive a warning message when you travel outside of the EU and spend more than 50€ on internet roaming. This is all not too bad. We at Europeans for Fair Roaming fought […]

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