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In 1989 the Soviet empire collapsed and over the next eighteen years the EU got hold of a large chunk of it.
In the mindset of the Kremlin, in 2012, it’s the EU that is about to collapse and Russia should have its retribution. And unlike Brussels, one should expect Moscow to act quickly.

The big prey today is Greece, an Orthodox country in an Orthodox neigbouhood. Russia is already trying to buy its energy company and pipelines.
Greece was not part of the Soviet empire, although the Stalinist KKE has always been strong in Greece. But Russian get along well with New Democracy, a centre-right party affiliated to EPP.
Bulgaria is historically friendly to Russia, as it is grateful for the sacrifice of tens of thousands of Russians during the 1877-78 Russian-Turkish war. In Bulgaria, Russia’s friends are the Socialists.
Serbia is even more pro-Russian. Unlike Bulgaria, it has been its traditional ally in […]

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