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Last week, the European Parliament voted for new price reductions for roaming in the European Union. This was a big success for the citizen-led campaign Europeans for Fair Roaming and will make using your mobile phone abroad a lot more affordable over the next two years.
If you are wondering what exactly the new rules mean for you, here is an overview over the most important changes (please note that prices don’t include VAT yet):

Starting in July 2012, making calls will cost no more than 0,29 €/min. Until 2014, this will go down to 0,19 €/min.
Receiving calls and sending SMS will cost 0,09 €/min from July 2012 and 0,06 €/min from July 2014.
Internet usage will become cheaper for the first time in July 2012 and cost 0,70 €/MB. Until 2014, prices will go down to no more than 0,20 €/MB.
From 2014 on, you will be enabled to choose another, cheaper operator when abroad – without […]

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