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After months of negotiations, the EED-eal, agreed on Wednesday evening (13 June) by EU negotiators, aimed to cut down Europe’s energy consumption by 20%, but after negotiations the target will be set at 17% by 2020.
When the directive becomes law? After the vote in the ITRE Committee (due to take place in July), the formal endorsement by the EP Plenary is not expected before September (10 to 13) or October (22 to 26).
The EEd-eal does not include binding targets or clear requirements for buildings renovations – both crucial if Europe is to benefit environmentally and economically from energy savings. The central measure of the directive – an annual 1.5% savings target for energy companies – has effectively been reduced to 1%. However, to achieve this target, member states will have the option to use a bundle of flexibility measures as well as equivalent alternative measures such as: the possibility to […]

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