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Yesterday, a group of Turkish-Cypriots, dressed up in white masks and clothes, symbolically protested for being the ‘ghosts’ of the European family and asked for their better EU integration. The event was largely initiated by the Turkish-Cypriot civil society, which represents a very interesting aspect of Cyprus’ European integration in recent times.
During the years leading up to Cyprus’ EU accession, the linkage between resolution to the Cyprus dispute and EU integration led Turkish-Cypriot civil society to embrace ‘Europeanism’ and guide the public pro-solution/ EU trend.
Indeed, the support of the EU brought many civil society actors in collective action. The ‘This Country is Ours’ and the ‘Common Vision’ were some of the platforms that advocated a ‘solution in Cyprus followed by EU membership [which] means investment, production, employment, science and technology, and social security [and] the end of our isolation from the rest of the world’.
Civil society also undertook the task […]

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