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Some news from Turkey

President Abdullah Gül responded to reporters’ questions after a press conference he held along with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic as part of the 20th Anniversary Summit of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) yesterday. In reply to a question whether the outcome of the NATO meeting on Syria satisfied Turkey, Gül said the details about the incident have already been revealed and reiterated that the Turkish jet which was shot down by Syria was not hostile toward it at all. “It was not flying at the time to detect what was going on in Syria either.
Gul: “We will not swallow it at all” – June 27th 2012
It was a routine flight indeed. Otherwise, it would have been guarded by another jet. However, what happened in the international waters demonstrated the paranoia the Syrian Armed Forces are experiencing. We appreciate the solidarity of the international community about this […]

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