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Two days before negotiations on the Energy Efficiency Directive were concluded in the night of 13/14 June, Martin Lidegaard, the Danish Climate and Energy minister, told us how baffled he was by the Council position. Why did Member States support the benefits of meeting the EU’s 20% by 2020 energy savings target, but insist on a Directive which will only deliver 15%?
We think an answer might lie in work compiled by Dan Gardner – an award winning Canadian journalist and author – on conflicting systems of thought. He puts it down to a conflict between ‘head’ versus ‘gut’ (or reason versus instinct). The first is ‘calculating, slow and rational’. The second ‘intuitive, quick and emotional’. Gardner’s work does much to explain the muddled thinking on the Directive.
Let’s start with the ‘head’ arguments. Reducing energy demand is the obvious solution to the EU’s growing dependence on oil, gas and coal imports. […]

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