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When you’re in an air balloon and it looses altitude, you have to dump some ballast. Or when your boat risks capsizing, you throw in the sea whatever is at hand and is not essential.
The EU has enough problems handling the eurozone crisis. The eurozone crisis already made the EU look weak. In addition, the problems of democracy in Romania, in Hungary and the malfunction of the rule of law in Bulgaria make it look as a caricature.
In Romania, the situation got out of hand following the effective jailing of former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase. Up to now, the unwritten rule was that the political elite would not be touched, whatever happens. Now faith has been broken, and Ponta wants to send Basescu to jail, and pardon Nastase. And nothing else matters.
I have spent several years of my life in Romania, under Ceausescu. As a foreigner, a Bulgarian student, I […]

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