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With winter season of 2012-2013 coming closer, “Gazprom” has started to show a more rigid position in relation to certain European consumers of Russian gas. Bringing into service of the Nord Stream gas pipeline provided Russia with additional dividends in negotiation processes with transit countries and consumers. And first of all, it has to do with Poland and Ukraine. “Gazprom” isn’t planning to revise contracts on gas supply with these countries.
The last forecasts of “Gazprom” on gas export to Europe were reduced from 154 to 150 billion cubic meters. The head of the company O.Miller declared that if it comes to choose between two figures, the advantage will be given to smaller volumes, but at a higher price. Therefore, there will be no discounts for gas. The conflict of “Gazprom” with the Polish oil and gas company “PGNiG” concerning contract revision and reduction of gas price testifies to this. The […]

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