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Bosnia:connecting the dots

Author: Cristian – George Gherasim, Romania
Photos are taken by Antoaneta Ivanova
The article is the 1st prize winner of the Mladiinfo Article Contest 2012 in category B

The troubles of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Two weeks ago, as bitterly cold weather and snow was yet to sweep across much of the Balkans, I flew in the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina to attend a conference on the country’s future and challenges of EU membership. Nothing uncanny so far. Rather just another debate between students and specialist around the difficulties ahead. One might say a commonplace event in a country so bound to European institutions via the key role EU special representative in Bosnia plays.
The conference started with the usual praising arguments, stressing the importance of becoming an EU member state and the benefits entailed. Yet, as the debate rolled on and students began voicing their opinions a different mindset […]

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