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After one year of intensive consultations with auto makers, unions, consumer and environmental groups and energy experts the US government has finalised its 2025 fuel efficiency standards for passenger cars and light trucks.
By 2025 the average fuel consumption will be half of today’s values, 4.3 litre/100 km compared to more than 8 litre today. This is a veritable revolution in the USA. President Obama deserves full credit for it. It will be his lasting achievement in the field of energy and climate policy.
By 2025 the USA can boast of one of the most fuel-efficient auto fleets on earth, comparable to that of the EU.
Thanks to it, the USA expect to halve its oil imports by 2025, a major contribution to their energy security!
It would also be the biggest ever US contribution to slowing climate change: green house gas emissions from cars and light trucks would decrease by half until 2025!
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